Are We Having Fun Yet?

[Originally published on MySpace on July 13, 2010.]

Life has always been interesting, but it’s been especially riveting since the beginning of this past December. Started the current era with a non-complimentary trip to the local ER, and thence to the ICU for a round of meningitis, during which time my mother decided to help pay the ensuing medical bills by kicking the bucket, thus freeing up much of her assets without having to sign any checks (Mom always did have a rather oblique comprehension of personal finance), so we burned her to a crisp and stuck her up on the mantel, had a spanking party to celebrate the day after my birthday, and then I recovered from my hospital stay just enough so that by the time Christmas rolled around I was barely able to deal with a round of stomach flu brought to us by my son while juggling last minute bare-shelf shopping amongst crowds of people having experienced the same sort of existence which is why they were out insanely haunting Wal-Mart at the same time as me. I can’t tell you how many people I saw in tears during THAT endeavor, and one of them might have been me except I didn’t have time to look in the mirror. Things mellowed out relatively after the new year, and I settled into the process of grieving while trying to reconfigure love from a perspective that didn’t require white picket fences and immortality (yes, I have been largely successful in that endeavor, though I had and have some amazing help). Went to New Orleans for five days in April, discovered that it IS possible to simulate the symptoms of meningitis using copious amounts of alcohol, spent the next several weeks in recovery from that, right after which I hit an inexplicable slow downward spiral in health and energy, culminating in a second, third, and fourth trip to several ER’s at the beginning of June before finally being admitted to the local ICU yet again with another round of meningitis and a distinctly improved sense of just what exactly is wrong with the US Health Care System, granted they did accidentally save my life. Got lucky and attracted the attention of a really sharp doctor who figured out that I have a genetic immune disorder which renders me nakedly vulnerable to bacterial infection, but that’s okay because so long as I have the bucks, I can take shots for the rest of my life and fight my body’s rejection of foreign proteins contained in said shots, although my sis recommends B vitamins. In the meantime, I finally regained a relative level of health just in the last few days, JUST in time for my son to get some kinda tummy bug (are we noticing a pattern here?). Barfed in his sleep starting last night at 11:00 pm. Hosed him off in the tub (had puke in his eyelashes), hosed myself off (puke in my hair and all down my back and left side), put him to bed in the guest room, cleaned up the mess in our room, my son barfed in the guest room, repeat. Kept it up until 6 am this morning. I have been washing sheets, bedding, pillows, carpets (cats crapped in our bedroom while I was in the garage doing laundry, but that’s okay because now I know what we’re having for dinner—anybody for Thai food?), shoes, towels, washcloths and undies all day long. Plus I’ve disinfected everything twice over. My hands are rotting off. Sent the ex back to Wal-Mart for 7-Up and laundry soap. Hopefully, I don’t get the two confused. And the hell with B vitamins, I want a flame thrower.

And so we arrive at this very moment in time, where I am able to take stock of my life to date. Here’s what I have to say:

IS THAT THE BEST YOU’VE GOT!?? No? Well. Bring it on.


Love all you guys. Really. Each of you, in your separate and unique ways, make it possible for me to be much more than okay. I wouldn’t trade that away for anything except more of the same.

Knock knock jokes are welcome, though. Hit me up. *grin*


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17 Responses to Are We Having Fun Yet?

  1. Thea says:

    piratas de dios ~ NEW Layout ~ Songs:

    so glad you made it ~

    Posted by piratas de dios ~ NEW Layout ~ Songs on July 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 9:41 PM

  2. Thea says:


    Talking about knock-knock jokes. I’ve seen those in your former blog, but I somehow imagine the most literal k-k joke to be the one where someone knocks on a door, and then, being distracted, knocks another time… hitting the head or nose of the one who just opened the door. (I always try to imagine how that could happen in real life;)

    Your philosophy of life is more than okay Thea. You’re never ‘done’ of course – how could the best part be in the past if we ought to make ‘sense’? That, of course, is the whole point with life making sense. Two important meanings of the word ‘sense’: a) strong feeling/belief about yourself. b) to know about something through a natural ability or feeling. Add to it, that there’s no reason why the ‘natural’ wouldn’t be connected to the meta-physical (God knew a thing or two about ‘how to create’, I guess) and we have a rich indication of ‘sense’ here (which would makes Ether Bunny feel like an asshole).

    Of course, this faith in life must be ‘faith for life’. Perseverance – the property (of faith) that keeps the boat sailing when the water seems to infringe on our (need for) ‘meaning of life’. It is so real, so human. Seeing the humor in it is great – we can be floored, yet still whisper a joke to ourselves – in the wake of a friend telling a better one, or sharing in the laughter. The fun part is that we’re never really alone on this road.

    The scary part is that many people are really feeling alone – an idea that haunts me like a cosmic failure of mankind and me. This should not happen. “When I walk in a valley of death-shade, I fear no evil, for Thou art with me, Thy rod and Thy staff-they comfort me”. Why does all-inclusive love not (yet) include all?

    Our bodies are of course not always cooperative. For me, misery often goes together with headache. That’s the point where it’s getting extremely hard to see the fun of anything at all, I just wish it to get over as soon as possible. As with all suffering, making sense of it is something we do with our mind. You have a brilliant mind (which doesn’t mean the ‘literal knock-knock joke’ can’t make it to YOUR head – watch out!:-D) but all mind is in a way brilliant as long as honesty is in place and the willingness to be an ‘apprentice of life’.

    I’m certainly among the apprentices. There’s a few things in my life, early on and lately, that knocked me down too easily – I think I won’t call myself ‘rational’ anymore – apprentice fits me way better. I humbly spread my blanket, sit down and wonder where the world is heading, where all my friends are heading etc. – and mankind as a whole (as if I could grasp the enormity of that). Sometimes, hurt is everywhere, we are aching, desperate for a sunbeam gleaming through the dark clouds. But it would be pessimism (hubris?) to see only that part. We may rather feel pregnant with the weight of life itself – there’s at least hope in that feeling.

    Our inner ears are adjusted to the echoes of transcendence. God is knock-knocking on earth’s door, on our door. Sometimes, He may hit our nose. Would He have stage-managed it? Or would He laugh out loud together with us? Shouldn’t we have fun?

    Posted by jcmmanuel on July 14, 2010 – Wednesday – 5:26 AM

  3. Thea says:

    Deborah ~ ♥ “Erekamka Na Adonai” ♥:

    My goodness, what a lot to handle in such a small space of time! This was an enjoyable read even though I’m certain each experience was something a bit far from enjoyable during the playing out of them. I admire your ability to persevere not simply by making it through but also in the maintaining of your sense of humor and appreciation for life.

    You are obviously strong willed…in a POSITIVE way!


    Posted by Deborah ~ ♥ “Erekamka Na Adonai” ♥ on July 14, 2010 – Wednesday – 7:37 AM

  4. Thea says:


    That was quite a ride there, Miss T. I don’t think I have never laughed so hard at such an awful story. ~:P You have blended a combination of styles, seamlessly, and to side-aching hilarity.
    There’s a stream of “reality bites” disaster and a bit of mommy’s homespun wisdom. You also managed to morph an Erma Bombeck earthiness with an edgy and unrepentant Kurt Vonnegut jolt, here and there. Then, for an extra flavor, you topped things off with a dash of Jerry Springer at the Wal-Mart, and… Eeeks, I dont know what else.
    Thank you for the laughter. I guess I am finally about done, daubing the tears from my cheeks. Honestly. Seriously. Something must be wrong me, for with finding humor in this.
    Anyway, for what it’s worth you ARE in my prayers, honey. And you deserve a medal for braving cat poop in the bed and barf clean-up duty.
    Oh… we’re having fun all right.

    Posted by
    Kris on July 15, 2010 – Thursday – 5:09 AM

    • Thea says:

      I think you should apply for a job at the New York Times. That way when my book finally comes out, I’ll have someone competent, sympathetic, and really smart on the inside. LOL!!!

      Laughter, of course, was the idea here. So, nothing wrong with you that isn’t wrong with me, too! I think we should tie dye some tighty whities and go be superheroes, wanna?


      Posted by Thea on July 15, 2010 – Thursday – 6:38 AM

      • Thea says:


        Interesting idea, Miss T. Although… let’s be clear, I am not a pretentious writer. Therefore, any intimidation or bedazzlement resulting from my fancy display of verb conjugation, (“I don’t think I have never…”), was stricly unintentional.

        Look, I am a down-to-earth gir. And normally, one must venture to the likes of the local Wal-Mart, to be within earshot of such lofty lingo.

        Still, you and I both know that I (profess to) harbour an “inner-English teacher”. It’s true. I am one who detests careless typos and lazy grammar. Red correction pencil, in hand at all times. Guilty of said transgressions, though I be.

        Confession: If the truth be known, I am becoming a secret fan of the self-congratulatory, condescending, patronizing, show-offy, look-how-smart-I am, unintelligible, indecipherable league of the uber-blogger. Yaaay!

        Yes, high-sounding, baffling, bullcrap is my addiction. There, I’ve said it.

        Posted by Kris on July 15, 2010 – Thursday – 11:15 PM

        • Thea says:


          Girl. I meant girl. See? There I go again. Grrrrr… l. Thanks.

          Posted by Kris on July 16, 2010 – Friday – 12:03 AM

          • Thea says:

            You forgot “stricly.” LMAO!!!

            xo, Kris! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful thing…

            Posted by Thea on July 16, 2010 – Friday – 5:57 PM

            • Thea says:

              See what I mean? That’s exactly my point! It risks becoming an out-of-control series of linguistic pratfalls. Thankfully, I’ve got you here. And you are better than Spell-Check, my dear.
              But the poor, little, anal-retentive, inner-English teacher is getting weary. I’m telling you, there is just no peace when using the old cut + paste.
              (Yes. I am going with the excuse of MySpace-as-glitchfest vs. the more obvious “operator error” rationale.)
              Anyway, and by the way: xo to you too, Honey!

              Posted by Kris on July 17, 2010 – Saturday – 5:41 AM

  5. Thea says:


    So glad you finally know what the enemy is and can take something to help fight it.

    Blessings and I hope you do stay healthy.

    Posted by M. TERESA CLAYTON on July 15, 2010 – Thursday – 6:13 AM

    • Thea says:

      Enemy? Haha, yeah, it’s felt that way at times. But I don’t hang out in that perspective–what I find is that there are circumstances requiring solutions, and yes, I’m glad I figured this one out, and I’m especially glad for the help I’ve had along the way. Suffering, properly understood (there’s a huge topic, and not to be confused with oppression), serves as a pivot for transition. In fact, suffering may be transition, eh? Flux…

      Thank you, Teresa–though we don’t speak often, I read what you say, and you always make me think.

      Posted by Theaon July 15, 2010 – Thursday – 6:25 AM

  6. Thea says:

    Jared: Genibus Tuis Canis³:

    I’ll pass on that thai food, After all that I’d have thought you would be having leftovers, tasty. Well There are a few months left of the year, things can only get better right, right.

    Posted by Jared: Genibus Tuis Canis³ on July 15, 2010 – Thursday – 10:19 AM

    • Thea says:

      I am actually a fabulous cook, so what makes you think you’d ever know what I was actually serving? And I always knew you were an optimist…LOL!!

      Posted by Thea on July 15, 2010 – Thursday – 11:39 AM

  7. Thea says:


    I hope this episode of your life is one that you continue to look back on as finished. Your year sounds almost as bad as mine…except my kid is well past the puking in bed stage. (Well the first one, anyway>)

    But my cats still crap on the floor.

    And my roof leaks. But only when it rains, so its not so bad.


    Posted by Denese on July 17, 2010 – Saturday – 9:51 AM

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