Whose Pinkie IS This, Anyway?!

[Originally published on MySpace on July 21, 2010.]

On the way home from school today, my son Kor started in with one of his Epic Tragedy scenes.  A craft he’d done at school came apart, and he expanded the mishap into major proportions, really workin’ the emotional aspect of it, saying he was never going to play with that craft again, nor any craft, nor anything that might be played with just in general ever again in his life forever amen.  I watched him in the rearview mirror, in between bouts of dodging oncoming traffic.  This penchant in him, which is relatively new, leaves me at somewhat of a loss between concern and not quite knowing what, if anything, to do.  Then I had an inspiration:  ask HIM what the hell he’s doing, instead of trying to guess.  So I did.

Thea:  Kor, why do you do that?  Take something and make it bigger? (Shut up about him taking after his mother, okay? I don’t flaunt my internal turmoil in front of my son.  Nice shot if you thought that, though.  LOL!)

Korben:  What thing?

Thea:  The thing with your craft just now.  You broke it, and now the whole world’s on fire and nothing will ever be worth anything again.  What is that?

Korben:  (stares at me in the rearview mirror–I can see that he’s at least forgotten about his Epic Tragedy for the moment)

Thea:  Do you like being sad? (Thea immediately realizes this is too much of a leading question, since normally when he hears it the answer is already scripted for him just in the asking.  So…) No, really, Kor.  How do you feel when you do that?  You getting something out of it?  Does it feel kinda good to be sad?

Korben: (starts to smile unwillingly)

Thea:  Well?  What’s it like to be sad when you’re not really all that sad?

Korben:  Thea?  I’m only six.  I’m a kid.  I don’t know the answer.

Then the little bugger laughs uproariously.

WTF?  That was pretty much a conversation stopper.

DO I HAVE THE MOST BRILLIANT KID, OR WHAT!??   ROTFLMFAO!!!  Sneaky little yard ape.  Dang, better change my number, cause Kor’s just about got the one I have now.

Enjoy!  (you got anything better to do?)


Check this out…in a similar vein…LOL!!

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6 Responses to Whose Pinkie IS This, Anyway?!

  1. Thea says:



    Posted by ROBERTOelDRAGÓN&IDYs! on July 31, 2010 – Saturday – 11:58 AM

  2. Thea says:

    Jared: Genibus Tuis Canis³:

    It’s manipulation, kids know how to manipulate parents, were you having an off day, maybe he was trying to tell you something, like is it really that big of a deal

    Posted by Jared: Genibus Tuis Canis³ on July 31, 2010 – Saturday – 6:24 PM

    • Thea says:

      Hmm, Jared, I think it is important to make distinctions between one’s child’s attempts to manipulate, and something that might indicate a more serious problem. So, I never have an off day. And I never fail to think. I’m careful. He wasn’t trying to manipulate me with the “sad” thing–instead, he has discovered lately that emotional excitement provides a kind of high (catharsis), and so was trying to provoke an episode for himself. He had forgotten that I like him to be happy (which isn’t really fair, is it?). So, when I pressed him on it, he remembered, and sought a way to diffuse my concern. Too, he was a little embarrassed that I was on to him–even at his tender years, as I already indicated, he has at least a superficial cultural understanding that “sad” is to be avoided, and there he was diving into it. What I enjoyed about Korben’s response was that it indicated his ability to spar intellectually with me on an as yet undiscovered (higher) level, showing a pretty sophisticated grasp and enjoyment of irony–and that he is not devoted to sadness as his “drug of choice.”

      Posted by Thea on July 31, 2010 – Saturday – 7:03 PM

  3. Thea says:


    I wish I were a bit more like them. Perhaps that’s our problem as we grow up – we need to know why. Maybe we just need to have a breakdown without a ‘why’. Clears the air! and it clears a room when you over 30! hahahaha

    Posted by M. TERESA CLAYTON on August 2, 2010 – Monday – 6:11 AM

    • Thea says:

      Right on, Teresa! Catharsis is an amazing thing. Kinda like burping one’s psyche, eh? LMAO!!

      (granted catharsis also has a physiological effect–which could also be likened to burping)

      Posted by Thea on August 2, 2010 – Monday – 7:02 AM

  4. Thea says:


    A brilliant kid who is responsible for a brilliant blog? Did we get a look behind the scenes here?;)

    Thanks for elucidating a little on the suggestion of ‘manipulation’ (in your comments). I too think it is more complex than this. At age 6 there’s already an affluent, well developed set of mental abilities in the child – even while most of it still evolving, but the basis of all perception and conceptual thinking is already there. So there’s no way to reduce what’s going on to just this or that typical behavior, although there may be certain trends depending on social context etc. Manipulation is something that, I think, may happen, as it happens in adults too, but basically the kid is still learning very much about himself isn’t it. He is exploring life – not yet fully aware of what it is to’ give meaning’ to life though. Confusion at this point is quite normal, education paramount. That is why the ‘narratives’ are so important, to guide the kid in understanding situations and the meaning of what happens.

    At the mental level this is absolutely unique among humans and explains why it takes so many years before a kid becomes an adult. Someone who does not understand that, does not understand the “complexity of being” I guess.

    Posted by jcmmanuel on August 3, 2010 – Tuesday – 5:14 AM

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