Pawn to E4

It seems to me life is like a chess game.

Suit Playing Chess

Wow, I look at that and I think to myself, “POOF!  Instant cliché, no waiting required!

But a chess game has rules, yes?  And if you don’t abide by those rules, then it’s not a game of chess, is it?  Chess is defined by the rules.

We, the people, have laws.  My question to you is:

Are our laws analogous to the rules of chess?

It’s an important question.  Give it some thought, maybe throw down a comment or two below.

Outside the Box

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One Response to Pawn to E4

  1. Whoever uses his rooks best in the opening, wins the opening; Whoever uses his pawns best in the middlegame wins the middlegame; whoever uses his king best in the endgame wins the endgame.

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