Four Letter Word

Camel Toes

“God is a wild man.  Doesn’t give a damn about camel toes.”

[Originally published on MySpace on July 16, 2010.]

I’ve worked as an editor.  You cannot shock me with mere typos, bad grammar, creative spelling, or even malapropisms (in fact, I’m actually rather fond of same).  As an editor, it’s my job to help with those things.  In terms of metaphysics, it’s all grist for the mill.  I like high falutin’, high brow language, but then I also like to solve Sudoku puzzles–mainly because I’m attracted to intricacy.

Nonetheless, the folks at Wal-Mart–who are a joke in danger of becoming a cultural phenomenon in this country–manage to get their points across, double negatives and all (which by the way only works in math), and the way they express emotion and experience of life is just as valid an expression of humanity as any other, and serves to forward…

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