A Quick Intro…

The title for my blog is taken from an actual blog I wrote, called Epistemology is a Four Letter Word.  I turn bricks and play with my brain almost nonstop.  I can’t help it.  And folks complain to me about it a lot.


Don’t worry, though, I’m not contagious.  This blog will start out as a repository for archiving the blogs I wrote on MySpace (which site is now trashed), which either discuss epistemology directly, or else use some analytical techniques to look at beliefs in a way that illuminates their context (especially concerning underlying assumptions), with a little about ontology thrown in here and there.  I tend to vacillate in my writing between a more formal, academic stance and an intuitive seeking that is informed by a broader field of feeling and experience—sometimes within the same piece…just, I’m more interested in using critical techniques than I am in deferring to the canons of otherwise credentialed expertise.

Beef cuts

Once I get done archiving, I’ll post new blogs here as I go (along similar lines, no doubt).  I like discussion–I think it’s really important–which is of course why I blog, and I’m flexible about what shape that discussion takes, so have at it if you see something you wanna comment about.  FYI, I don’t tolerate bad manners, so I will remove any comments that, in my opinion, constitute such.  Again, don’t worry:  if you understand the difference between disagreeing with a particular perspective and disrespecting the person who holds that perspective, you’ll do just fine by me.

Note:  I strongly encourage you to read (and respond to!) the comments, not just the blogs–all of them are substantive, and if you skip over them you miss not only some excellent thoughts and ideas, but also the sense of progression the discussion entails.

To the right is a list of blogs arranged roughly by subject. If you read them in the order listed in each category, it’ll make more sense. I’m still archiving, so not all of the links are live yet.



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